• This bandsaw saw mill has a 144″ blade, 13HP gas engine, and 12 foot of rail to set a log
  • Log diameter can be a maximum of 26″ (if its really straight).  I tell people nothing more than 24″ cause you all know how we like to push the limits.  With that I can get a 17″ slab.
  • Bandsaws have a nice thin kerf so you get more wood than you would on a traditional circular saw mill. And the cut is much smoother too, so less planer work needed.
  • Although this mill is designed to be portable, I’ve set mine up stationary.  I think its better to transport the log to my place where you can leave all the saw dust behind.
Dad running sawmill

Log milling is priced by the job. Things to consider before contacting me about milling a log:

  • How will you transport the log(s)
  • Is your log compatible with the dementions of the mill (<12 ft long and < 24″ in diameter)
  • Is it semi straight
  • What thickness do you want the boards cut to.
  • Is there any metal in the log such as nails, bullets, or hooks? There is a blade fee if I hit metal.
  • Do you need me to stick separate and store for air drying
  • If you are taking the wood right away, do you need 1×1 stick spacers

Call me @ 610-390-3441 or email ed@gaffneyhill.com to discuss your project.

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