Woodworking from tree to product

GHWS is located on nine acres at the highest point in Northampton County Pennsylvania.  The business started with my Dad when he retired from AT&T ~30 years ago making wooded kids toys.  I was a silent partner for a while, while my daytime job and family needed all of my attention. I started things up again following Hurricane Sandy where the fallen trees amounted to much more firewood than I could burn.  So I talked my wife into purchasing a small sawmill.  From there it just grew and now that I am pseudo retired, I’m stepping up this business for a little extra cash and fun.

Most all of the wood I use is from our local area surrounding Williams Township PA.  I mostly use trees that have fallen on their own, died, or needed to come down for some other reason than my needs.  Wood planks are cut on my mill and turned items are usually just cut with a chainsaw. 

Thanks for looking around at my site and even better if you drop by. If you would like a piece of the area, or just want quality handcrafted wood art, I hope I have or can make something for you.


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